Everything You Need to Know About Renting Percussion Instruments

Learning to play any instrument is both exciting and daunting. Because it always comes with questions. What if I don’t like it? What if I can’t do it? What if the noise my darling child is making with their new instrument starts driving the neighbors insane?! So, if you’re unsure of your tolerance levels, or your little one’s staying power, renting percussion instruments can be a really sensible starting point.

In this post, you’ll find everything you need to know about renting snare drums and other percussion pieces.

Rent from Home Percussion Rental Guide

What do you need to know about percussion?

When you think of percussion, most people’s thoughts turn to drums. But percussion actually covers a whole range of instruments that are played by shaking or striking with your hand or a beater.

For new starters, the snare drum is a particular favourite. It’s the timekeeper of any school band, and can be used for all styles of music, from orchestral to contemporary pop. But it’s not the only percussion instrument around. And while you can easily buy your own triangle set and tambourines without breaking the bank, bell kits can be more of an investment. That’s one of the reasons why renting can be a good idea. But there are plenty of other reasons too.

Why you should consider renting snare drum and bell kits

Simple exchange

If, after a time, you or your child decides that percussion is not right, you can simply and quickly return your instrument(s), or exchange for something different. You might like the rhythm and interface of the bell kit, but yearn for something that’s slightly easier to grasp, like the snare drum. Or, you might find that the sound of percussion isn’t quite to your tastes and you would prefer to try something softer, like the oboe. Whatever your reasons, with Rent From Home, you can return or exchange your instruments at any time. We even offer a 30 free trial.

Service, repair and maintenance

For many people, the greatest concern of instrument ownership is maintenance and repair. Especially when the instrument is purchased for a child. Because try as they might, children have a knack of breaking and losing things. The Rent From Home Loss Damage Waiver Plus Maintenance Program (LDW), which comes as standard with all rental plans, covers you for all eventualities. If your snare drum or bell kit is lost, we’ll replace it for you. If it’s somehow broken, then you simply need to contact our care team, and we’ll put everything necessary in motion to get it repaired.

In terms of instrument of everyday maintenance, there are also things that you’ll need to do yourself to keep your percussion instruments sounding their best.

How to maintain a snare drum and bell kit

· You’ll need to keep your drum and bell kit clean. The shell, snare head and tension casings should be wiped with a clean dry cloth regularly.

· Use an appropriate polish on the drum shell occasionally.

· Use a light oil such on the tension screw, threads of the snare strainer and the collar screw tension rods of the drum roughly once a month.

· And tension your drum head whenever you feel it necessary.

· Don’t rest anything other than your mallets against the top of your bell kit.

· And, importantly, you should never play your bell kit with your drum sticks, or your snare drum with your bell kit mallets.

Rent to buy

As well as straight rental contracts, at Rent From Home you can work with us on a buy to rent scheme. This means that if you decide that you want to keep your instrument, all of your existing payments and future payments will be put towards the final price of the instrument. Once the stated figure has been paid, the instrument will be yours to do with what you will!

How to rent percussion instruments

So, now you know all about percussion rental, how do you actually do it? Well, that’s the easy bit! Simply head over to the Rent From Home instrument pages, select ‘Snare Drum & Bell Kit’, then choose the instrument combination suited to your needs. From there, all you need to do is follow the prompts.

And that’s it. Once we’ve received your order, we’ll ship it to your chosen destination. If it’s more convenient to you, we can also ship to one of our 400 music store partners across the country, for you to collect when you’re next in the area.

We can also take orders over the telephone. Simply call: on 800-578-9724 and we’ll do our best to help.

So, are you ready to start dancing to the beat of a different drum? Order your percussion instruments today!