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A Beginner’s Guide to Playing the Snare Drum

A lot of children are attracted to the snare drum when it comes to choosing a band instrument. It’s a good starting point for the full drum kit, which makes it appealing for would-be Dave Grohls. And yet, it also looks easy to do. You just have to bang it, right? Well, yes… but also, no. There’s a bit more to it. So, if you’ve rented a snare drum and/or bell kit for your son or daughter, here are a few tips to help them master the art of playing.

Snare Drum Tips for Beginners

Get to grips with sheet music

Reading sheet music is often one of the biggest hurdles to learning any kind of instrument. And the snare drum is no exception. Your music teacher will help you with this. But there are some really good online resources to help too. The Ehow YouTube channel has a great little tutorial to get you started. But there are many others to choose from if you just look around online.

Use a metronome

The role of the drum in any kind of music is to provide rhythm. Playing with a metronome is a simple way to get you used to keeping pace accurately. There are plenty of free apps available if you don’t want to purchase an actual device.

Learn the rudiments

In drumming, the rudiments are akin to the ABC when learning to read. There are more than 40 officially recognised rudiments, but there are seven that are broadly acknowledged as essential to new starters:

· the single-stroke roll · multiple-bounce (buzz/press) roll · double-stroke open roll · five stroke-roll · single paradiddle · flam · drag

Watch other players

If you want to learn the best techniques for playing, it can be helpful to see how other players do it. Especially if you’re learning to be part of the school marching band. Here, it’s not only precision and timekeeping that are important, but you need to play in exactly the same way as your fellow bandmates. So, watch how the more experienced performers play – and ask them for tips on what helped them when they were just starting out.

Keep on playing

And of course, the very best thing that you can do if you want to learn to play the snare drum well is to practice. The more you play, and the more you study your sheet music, the better your technique will become. So, keep on playing!

The snare drum can be a really fun instrument to learn. And it’s a lot more challenging that many parents expect, presenting a real learning opportunity for children. But the important thing is to not start out thinking that all it takes is a bit of banging to master the art. It takes time and practise. But it’s worth it in the end.

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