5 Things to Think About When Renting a Musical Instrument

If your child is keen to learn an instrument, rental can seem like the safest and most cost-effective option. And it can be. It can also be the simplest and most stress-free way to get hold of an instrument, even at relatively short notice. But not all instrument rental companies are equal. Today, we’re going to look at some of the things you need to consider before selecting where to rent your child’s educator-approved school band and orchestra instruments.

5 Things to Think About Before Renting a Musical Instrument for Your Child

1. Instrument quality

There’s nothing more likely to deter your child from pursuing a musical education than having a poor-quality instrument to play with. Of course, you don’t want to give a child or teen an ultra-expensive top-of-the-range pro model. But equally, you don’t want to give them an instrument that has a fair chance of sounding bad no matter how well you play it. By selecting an educator approved rental company you know that you’re getting exactly the instrument your child needs to learn well. And without that, there’s very little point in renting an instrument at all.

2. Insurance

Kids are great. And one of their most endearing – and infuriating! – qualities is that they don’t always think things through. They can be careless without ever intending to be. And they can be really, really clumsy. Which is fine, unless you happen to be renting an instrument worth thousands of dollars and don’t have any insurance. And the problem you’ll find with a lot of instrument rental providers is that they either don’t offer damage protection… Or that it’s so eye-wateringly expensive that you’re willing to take the risk.

At Rent From Home, every rental contract is covered as standard by our Loss Damage Waiver Plus Maintenance Program. This means that if something happens to your rental instrument, if it’s lost, stolen, or left on the driveway and reversed over, you’re covered. All you need to do is pick up the pieces and give us a call. We’ll deal with the rest.

3. Flexibility

Deciding which instrument you want to play isn’t always easy. Many children are drawn to instruments they think look cool, like the sax. But when it comes to playing, it just doesn’t gel. Having the flexibility to move between instruments within a rental program can be a great way to ensure that your child doesn’t just give up if things don’t feel right. Not enjoying the saxophone? Why not try the flute, trombone, violin, or snare drum?

And if you find that your child is a natural and wants to make their instrument their own, we can help you with that too. All Rent From Home customers have the option of joining our buy-to-rent program at any time.

4. Fixed contracts

You know how last month little Daisy was into ponies, but this month it’s all about scooters, llamas and cats? Kids are fickle. They can change their minds with every breath of wind, and that’s just fine… Unless you’re two months into a year-long rental contract and you’re stuck paying for something that’s just gathering dust. Fixed term contracts are bread and butter to many rental companies. Customer service doesn’t come very high on the agenda because they’re already guaranteed to get your cash.

Rent From Home contracts are rolling, running from month to month. So, if music suddenly falls out of favor, or you need to cancel for any other reason, you just need to let us know. Once you have returned your instrument, you’ve nothing else to worry about.

5. Transparent pricing

It’s a point of pride to us at Rent From Home that we work with a transparent pricing structure. All our customers are entitled to a one-month free trial before making their first payment. But after that, we always ask a single monthly fee for our instruments. This means that you’ll never encounter any nasty surprises and that everything is covered.

The opportunity to learn to play an instrument is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to your children. And renting is a great place to start. But before you do, make sure that you’re renting from the right company. And always read the Ts&Cs before you commit.

Are you ready to start renting educator-approved school band and orchestra instruments? Why not Rent From Home?