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Clarinet Rental - Everything You Need To Know

The clarinet belongs to the woodwind family. Initially intended for orchestral use, it has proven to be quite a flexible instrument. It is used in classical music as well as concert bands, military bands, marching bands, jazz and other styles. The most popular clarinet is in the key of Bb and the body is made using a variety of materials. This includes plastic, wood, composite resin or hard rubber. Composite materials appear to be a standard for student models largely because they are less affected by humidity or temperature changes.

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Famous Clarinet Players

Musical taste and instrument choice is a personal preference. Following are a few famous and skilled musicians that have played the clarinet.

Richard Stoltzman – One the most famous American clarinetists his music includes classical, chamber music and jazz.

Pete Fountain – He is recognized as reviving the public interest in Dixieland Jazz. His full tone and unique swing made him an icon of that musical style.

Benny Goodman – Known as the King of Swing, he is one of the most famous clarinet players of all time. Goodman became a bandleader that was responsible for bringing jazz to the mainstream listeners.

Getting Started with the Clarinet

The clarinet is made up of 5 main parts, the mouthpiece, barrel, upper joint, lower joint and the bell. It is a single reed instrument in which sound is made when air passes over the reed. The vibration travels through the instrument and specific notes are made by pressing and releasing a sequence of keys. The clarinet is a rather low maintenance instrument and is easy to handle; making it a popular choice for the beginning student.

It is best to contact your school music director or local music store representative with any questions about handling or proper use of maintenance accessories.

Renting A Clarinet The Easy Way

Rentfromhome is the easiest way to get your student started on clarinet. Select your instrument, choose your FREE delivery option (to your home of office) or pick up from one of over 400 music store partners across the country, checkout, and done! We offer only quality brand names (and even ask if you or your student's teacher have any brand preferences when choosing your instrument), a quick & easy checkout process, online account management (payment history, online payments and more), easy returns & exchanges, and upgrade/purchase opportunities at any time while renting. You may also return your instrument and cancel your rental agreement at any time with no penalties or further obligation.