rentfromhome.com offers a unique opportunity for music educators to earn points towards valuable rewards for their students & school including instruments, repair vouchers, pizza parties and more! Click Here to download a PDF of available rewards.

Educators: After completing the simple enrollment form below, we'll keep track of your points earned and update you periodically with your balance and special redemption offers. Fundraising has never been easier!

Multiple Enrollments Permitted: We understand that many educators teach at more than one school. After completing your enrollment form for your first school, please send an email with your Name and Additional Schools to rent@rentfromhome.com.

Terms: Each Rental Rewards account must maintain a minimum of ten active rental accounts originating from rentfromhome.com. Point balances may be carried over from the previous school year (non-expiring). Each customer rental payment equals 125 points or $1.25 (one point=$.01).

Questions before enrolling? Please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-727-2798 Ext 10.

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