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Snare Drum Rental - Everything You Need To Know

Student percussion – Snare Drums / Bell Kits – are an excellent musical tool to introduce the student to the percussion family of instruments. They will give the student the fundamentals of these instruments and expose them to the full knowledge of this entire instrument group. Percussion further introduces the player to a complete drum kit and a variety of mallet instruments; vibraphone and marimba being a popular advancement.

From symphony orchestras to contemporary jazz, blues or pop, rhythm and percussion is heard within most every musical genre.

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Famous Percussion Players

Musical taste and instrument choice is a personal preference. Following are a few famous and skilled musicians that have played percussion.

Buddy Rich – Buddy was an American drummer and band leader. He is considered to be one the most influential drummers being known for his sense of melody, musical technique, power and speed. He had played with the biggest names of his time.

Victor Feldman – Victor was an English musician who was primarily known for his vibraphone playing. An equally talented percussionist and piano player Feldman started performing professionally in his childhood years. He came to America in the mid-1950’s where he formed a credible name as a session musician playing in a variety of styles from jazz to rock.

Martin Grubinger – Martin is a talented multi-percussionist that has a wide repertoire from solo works, chamber works and concertos. His technical perfection and musical versatility make him one of the most exciting events within his genre. Grubinger is said to have brought percussion from the back of the stage to front and center.

Getting Started with Percussion

.Percussion instruments include many different instruments and approaches. Each instrument can require a unique set-up and playing style. From the type of stick your use or the weight of a mallet, experimenting with different combinations will help you form your own style. This instrument is said to contain the controlling elements of the very music it plays. From rhythm to melody to the drive of a piece, percussion heard within most every genre of music.

It is best to contact your school music director or local music store representative with any questions about handling or proper use of maintenance accessories.

Renting A Percussion Kit The Easy Way

Rentfromhome is the easiest way to get your student started on percussion. Select your instrument, choose your FREE delivery option (to your home of office) or pick up from one of over 400 music store partners across the country, checkout, and done! We offer only quality brand names (and even ask if you or your student's teacher have any brand preferences when choosing your instrument), a quick & easy checkout process, online account management (payment history, online payments and more), easy returns & exchanges, and upgrade/purchase opportunities at any time while renting. You may also return your instrument and cancel your rental agreement at any time with no penalties or further obligation.