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privacybanner Privacy and Security Statement

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your consideration of Rentfromhome & Veritas Instrument Rental Incorporated (VIR) for your child’s school music needs. Regarding the collection & use of your personal & financial information, we offer the following comments:

Required Information

All information requested within our Instrument Rental Agreement is required (and allowable by law) including the Driver’s License, Social Security Number, Date of Birth and/or Employment Information to be considered for approval. VIR Affiliates have been instructed not to execute any rental agreement that does not include the renter’s Social Security Number.

Credit History Inquiries

If a personal credit history report becomes necessary within the approval process, you will be asked to visit the VIR Affiliated Retailer nearest you and complete a Renter Credit Report Permission Form. The VIR Affiliated Retailer will transmit the form via facsimile (we can not accept inforamation via phone or email) to the VIR Home Office. VIR will then securely submit your information to a third-party credit reporting bureau for the purpose of obtaining a consumer credit history report (which is then reviewed for approval purposes).

Non-Student Renter Policy

Our rental program was designed to suit the needs of the beginning student enrolled in a school music program. While we welcome the non-student who is interested in learning to play an instrument, the following exceptions & criteria should be considered:

•Coupons and/or introductory offers are reserved for students enrolled in a school music program and will not be extended to non-student renters.

•A three-month minimum rental will be required, regardless of instrument or group. Refunds are not given should the non-student renter return the instrument within the three-month period.

•Non-student rental orders must be picked up at the Affiliated Retailer. We will not ship directly to the home or office of a non-student renter.

•All other rental & approval criteria must be satisfied including the renter's Social Security Number.

Confidentiality of Information

VIR does not share its customer’s personal information to any third party (except credit bureaus for approval & reporting purposes). Access to information & changes to customer accounts is restricted to the account holder named on the Instrument Rental Agreement.

Our Mission Statement

Veritas Instrument Rental Incorporated is dedicated to serving the school music market by providing quality, value and service to our customers, music educators and affiliated music retailers.

Thank You

Should you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding our program and/or policies, please do not hesitate to contact us toll free at 800-578-9724 Monday-Friday, 10am-9pm EDT. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to be a part of your child’s musical experience!

Musically Yours,

The Entire Staff of Renfromhome.Com & Veritas Instrument Rental Incorporated