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Instrument Rentals The EASY Way

The STAR System is perfect for any educator looking for a streamlined rental process; a program that puts instruments in your student’s hands quickly & efficiently while completely eliminating the headaches and turnaround time commonly associated with instrument repair.

  • Customized School-Branded Rental Website & Meeting Brochures
  • After a brief consultation with our marketing staff, we’ll create a custom-curated website just for your students and their parents.

    Using a unique school code at Rentfromhome, the site will bear your school crest/logo, which immediately associates the rental experience with your program.

    We’ll also create beautiful full-color rental brochures for you to distribute to students & parents either before or during your rental meeting.

  • The Easiest Rental Meeting You’ll Ever Host
  • During your back-to-school parent meeting, review the rental brochure with attendees.

    Then simply direct parents to your custom rental website to complete an online rental agreement.

    Because everyone has a smart phone these days, everyone has a computer in their pocket.

    There’s no need to utilize the media center’s computers or navigate cumbersome paper rental agreements.

    Using the unique school code at Rentfromhome, parents will be taken to the instrument selection page, populated only with the instruments & mouthpieces you’ve requested.

    The rest of the shopping experience is fast, easy, and secure.

    The best part: Everyone rents their instrument at the same time from a known vendor who has taken the time to ask for your recommendations.

    And for those of you who’ve had to play referee with two or more vendors at your meeting, say goodbye to aggressive school service representatives fighting over rental customers.

  • Hassle-Free Exchanges Instead of Time-Consuming Repairs
  • How long do your students go without an instrument when a repair becomes necessary? One week? Two weeks? Longer?

    Even in the best of scenarios, when your local/regional school service rep stops by to pick up & drop off repairs, you’re probably not seeing them again until the following week.

    Our goal is simple: Get students back to making music as soon as possible.

    As such, we’ve opted for core exchanges instead of instrument repairs.

    What does this mean? When a student’s instrument is in disrepair, the parent will contact us directly.

    We will then immediately forward a replacement instrument (same brand & model when available, or at the very least, comparable in features & condition).

    We’re not waiting for the parent to ship their child’s instrument to us first.

    When the replacement arrives, parents will simply swap out instruments using the same shipping box, sign the enclosed exchange form, affix the included pre-paid return shipping label over top of the old one, and hand the box to a UPS driver or drop off at their local UPS Store or UPS Shipping Partner. It doesn’t get any easier.

  • Delivery Options Based Upon Your Preferences
  • As orders begin to stream in, we’ll process & ship them immediately to the parents home or office via free UPS Ground service.

    Alternatively, we can also queue all orders associated with your program to be shipped at one time, either to the parent’s location or directly to the band room, on a date you’ve requested. The choice is purely yours.

  • Flexible, Scalable, Enhanced Benefits
  • Even as we’re rolling out this brand new program, we’re already looking to the future.

    For the music educator in a rural or under-serviced area, the benefits of the STAR System are obvious.

    But what about the larger programs in the suburbs of a major city?

    Programs with two or more vendors jockeying for access to the student’s needs? No matter what your circumstances are, we can create a program that makes life easier for you.

    The best way to see how all of this applies to your program is to get in touch.

    Give us a call at 800-578-9724 EXT 114 so we can discuss your needs.

    You can also complete the contact request form below and we’ll reach out at a time that’s best for you.

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