Cello Rental - Everything You Need To Know

The cello is a bowed stringed instrument that is part of the violin family. This instrument is mostly associated with the European Classical Music and is a standard in orchestras and string ensembles where it serves as the bass voice. Not only considered as an ensemble piece, the cello also has found popularity as a solo instrument. While musical genres have evolved, the cello seems to have found its way into many musical performance and genre situations. These include music in the style of Chamber, New Age, Jazz and Rock.

The cello is chosen for the ability to produce tenor and bass tones with a human voice like quality.

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Famous Cello Players

.Musical taste and instrument choice is a personal preference. Following are a few famous and skilled musicians that have played the cello.

Yo-Yo Ma – Is an American Chinese cellist. He was a child prodigy performing at the age of five. Yo-Yo Ma has had a tremendous career as a soloist both as a recording artist and performing with many of the most recognized orchestras around the world. He has recorded more than 90 albums and received 18 Grammy awards
Pablo Casals – Pablo is a famous Spanish conductor and cellist. He is considered to among the most famous cello players of his time. During his abundant career he performed and recorded many orchestral, chamber and solo pieces. Casals is best known for the arrangement and recording of the Bach Cello Suites.

Arthur Russel – Arthur was an American composer, cellist, singer and musician that worked in a broad span of genres. Between, classical, folk, disco, experimental and rock he was able to carve a reputation for his abilities. He has collaborated and recorded with artists including Philip Glass, Bootsy Collins, Talking Heads and Nicky Siano.

Getting Started with the Cello

The cello is tuned in fifths, C-G-D-A. Once you have properly applied the rosin to the bow, a sound of some sort will come rather quickly. However, as with any instrument, it will take time and practice to produce music. Both hands will work together yet in completely different forms. The right hand and arm will work to produce the tone, while the left hand will control the pitch and the ability to play in tune.

It is best to contact your school music director or local music store representative with any questions about handling or proper use of maintenance accessories.

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