Flute Rental - Everything You Need To Know

The flute is part of the woodwind family of instruments. They do not use reeds on the mouthpiece. Instead, sound is generated by blowing air into the instrument through a hole that is located on the head joint. The flute is in the key of C and plays in the treble clef. Opening and closing the keys makes different notes. It is popular in Orchestras, ensembles and as a solo instrument.

The flute comes in two different styles. Any flute above a student model is generally open hole. There are 6 keys that are open and can promote better volume and tone. Although these characteristics are influenced by the player this can hold true due to these flutes typically being made of a better grade of material. Hand position and technique is improved because of the finger tips needing to be more exact in order to cover the holes and form the notes.

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Famous Flute Players

Musical taste and instrument choice is a personal preference. Following are a few famous and skilled musicians that have played the flute.

James Galway – Nicknamed “The Man with the Golden Flute”. An Irish musician that was able to cross from pure classical into easy listening.

Jean-Paul Rampal – A French flautist that showed the instruments ability not only in a concert ensemble setting but also as a solo instrument.

Ian Anderson – A British musician that fronted the band rock band Jethro Tull. His multi-instrumental talents, including the flute, recorded some of the most iconic songs of the 70”s.

Getting Started with the Flute

The flute comes in 3 parts, the head joint, the body and the foot. The body joint is where most of the keys are located. Specific notes are made by pressing and releasing these keys in sequence.
It is important to be careful when handling a flute. The keys and rods are easily bent that could result in a costly repair.
It is best to contact your school music director or local music store representative with any questions about handling or proper use of maintenance accessories.

Renting A Flute The Easy Way

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