Viola Rental - Everything You Need To Know

The viola, although similar to the violin, is considered to be the tenor of the violin family. At one time, it was quite a popular instrument. In fact, many successful composers originally were viola players. The body, being comparably larger than the violin, is primarily used for the desired pitch and tone it produces. The violas tone is darker and warmer than the violin and is considered to be an important member of string ensembles and orchestras.

The Viola differs in sizing from the violin in that instead of using fractional sizes, the viola size is matched by determining the correct length in inches. The typical modern symphony will contain between 6 – 10 violas.

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Famous Viola Players

Musical taste and instrument choice is a personal preference. Following are a few famous and skilled musicians that have played the viola.

Carl Stamitz – Carl started playing the violin but grew to love the viola. Growing up in Germany he worked with the Mannheim Orchestra then toured as a soloist. Stamitz is recognized as one of the few musicians of his time that influenced the popularity of the viola

Yuri Bashmet – Yuri is known for his unique blend of musical strength and sensitivity during his performances. He blends a newer, spicy approach in performance while revamping the traditions of the viola. He is also the creator and conductor of the Moscow Soloists string ensemble.

Lawrence Power – Lawrence is a British viola player that is known for his intelligent and imaginative approach to both as chamber musician and soloist. He has been considered to be the successor to the great Lionel Tertis. Lawrence chose the viola for its human voice like quality.

Getting Started with the Viola

The viola is tuned in fifths, C-G-D-A. Although a sound of some sort will come rather quickly, as with any instrument, it will take time and practice to produce music. Both hands will work together yet in completely different forms. The right hand and arm will work to produce the tone, while the left hand will control the pitch and the ability to play in tune.

It is best to contact your school music director or local music store representative with any questions about handling or proper use of maintenance accessories.

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