The Lowdown About Renting a Trombone

When learning to play a new instrument, it’s not always sensible to purchase your equipment straight away. Especially if you’re buying for children. While learning to play can bring enormous pleasure, it’s hard to tell if a particular instrument is for you until you’ve had hands-on experience. Instrument rental gives you the opportunity to play without a large up-front expense, and the flexibility to change your mind at any stage.

Rent From Home Trombone Rental Guide

What do you need to know about the trombone?

Loosely translated, the word trombone means, ‘large trumpet’. And its basic shape is very similar to the trumpet, with the obvious exception that the trombone uses a slide to change its tone rather than keys. Its main features are the bell, where the sound emerges, the tubing, slide, mouthpiece and valve attachments. The trombone is a brass instrument.

Why You Should Rent Instead Of Buy A Trombone

Upgrade Flexibility

Probably the best thing about renting any musical instrument is that it gives you flexibility. And the trombone is no exception. When you’re starting out, a student tenor trombone is the perfect choice. But as you learn and your skills progress, which can happen quickly if you practise, you’ll begin looking for a more advanced model. Maybe a bass or an alto. By renting rather than purchasing, you have the flexibility to upgrade your instrument whenever you need to, without unnecessary expenditure.

Easy Exchanges

Of course, you might find that once you’ve had a try at playing the trombone, it simply doesn’t feel like the right instrument for you. But you still want to play something. If you’ve purchased your instrument, then you’re unlikely to want to spend even more on a new instrument. If you’ve rented your trombone, you can simply exchange it for something new. At Rent From Home, we don’t work on a timed contract basis, so even if you’ve only used your trombone for a week, you can easily swap it for something else – oboe, cello, or even a drum kit.

Repair & Replacement

As you get to grips with playing the trombone, you’ll slip into a regular maintenance routine. · Clean your mouthpiece with a mouthpiece brush and warm water. · Polish your instrument to keep it looking its best. · Occasionally, the tuning slide will need cleaning and greasing with slide oil. · Use the water key to blow the moisture out of your trombone after each use.

But there are some things that you won’t be able to deal with yourself. The Rent From Home Loss Damage Waiver Plus Maintenance Program (LDW), which is a standard part of all rental agreements, covers you against all accidental damage and repair. Even against complete instrument write-off or loss. These are all issues that can be an expensive headache to deal with when you own your own instrument. And damage can occur quite easily, especially when a trombone is in the hands of a child.

Purchase Options

Renting can also provide stepping stones to instrument ownership. If, after a few months, you find that you’re really happy with your choice of instrument, with Rent From Home, you can easily apply your rent credit toward the purchase of an instrument. Simply contact our customer service team, and we’ll talk you through the next steps.

How To Rent A Trombone At Rentfromhome

So, now you know all about trombone rental, how do you actually do it?

Simply visit the Rent From Home trombone rental pages, select the instrument you’re interested in and follow the prompts. Or, if you’d rather, call us on 800-578-9724 and one of our customer service team will help you through the process. We can send your instrument to the address of your choice, free of charge. Or we can arrange for you to collect it from one of our 400 music store partners across the country, if that’s easier for you.

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